Improve a year's worth in a week!

8 Years and going strong!

Daily scales, arpeggios, and other technical exercises: more than you ever thought possible to give you a bulletproof violin or viola technique, with other students AND the teacher simultaneously! Also daily Master Classes with daily student performances and solo practice time that is "spied on" by a teacher. We will catch every mistake you make and fix it on the spot.

There are 2 levels for this Camp in the Full day version:

  • Full Double Stops from Carl Flesch and more difficult technical exercises in higher positions

  • Less difficult technical exercises and no double stops. They need to be able to shift into 3rd position

  • In both sections of this we have had age ranges from 12 and up

  • In the easier group we have had kids 8 and up! They can do the whole day no problem, amazingly.


If you are not sure which to choose from, contact us for help!

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