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"The Original" Violin and Viola Boot Camp is celebrating our 11th year!

Dates and Location for Summer 2023 TBA

Camp Mission:
To create a string individual practice environment where the teacher can correct mistakes occurring during the practice sessions right when they happen. Supervised personal practice time, group technical work and instruction, and daily master classes and performances by each student. Topics also covered are sight-reading, quick music learning techniques, orchestral excerpts, and much more!

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Pump Up Your Practice Institute Description

Looking Ahead to 2023

A Summer Practicing Institute for all instruments presented by Fiddlers Too Inc: ONLINE ONLY (Zoom)


“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”--Vince Lombardi

This online summer institute provides participants with a 2 week personalized design of intensive instrumental practice and correct practice techniques combined with formal guidance and analysis by two professional international performing and teaching artists, Charles and Rachel Stegeman.

“After designing and sharing our daily practice plan for you, we will then drop in on your individual virtual practice room throughout the day to help shape your personal choices during practice time. We will also guide you through your practice time to make sure your practice schedule is maintained, motivated, and keeps you accountable to yourself, thus heading towards your goals in music. As needed, we will offer our ‘prescriptions’ to any faulty practice techniques that we discover based on our combined collegiate teaching experience of over 45 years. In addition, there are daily master classes to cover the myriad of important topics musicians need to know about (listed below in goals and outcomes). *This program is designed to supplement your private teacher’s efforts and goals for you, thus we recommend keeping your weekly lesson with your teacher during this time.”

-Charles and Rachel Stegeman

Goals and outcomes:

  • Organize practice

  • Know when to stop and when to keep going

  • Set short, near, and long term goals in your practicing

  • How to identify good and bad habits in your practicing

  • Clean up: pitch, sound, bow control, vibrato, coordination, shifting, bow mapping, and accuracy in all types of musical passages

  • Journal effectively

  • Schedule effectively

  • Learn quickly and efficiently

  • Use sight reading skills to help you learn more quickly

  • Break down sight reading skills to improve it

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Fiddlers Too Inc Presented:

Audition Boot Camp 2022

Results: 95% Success Rate of Students winning their auditions!

It was our 2nd Annual Event!

Next Event: Spring 2023

Master your audition skills in 1-7

sessions! Most Saturdays in the Spring from 5-7

Local Youth Orchestra Auditions such as PYSO, TRYPO, Symphonette, PYCO, PYPO, Competitions of all ages and levels, College Auditions, Seating Auditions

Audition Boot Camp Flyer 2021.pdf.jpg
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What is Audition Boot Camp?

Train to Win with Us!

An annual Audition/Competition Preparation Series of Master Classes

Audition Boot Camp is for you if you are looking for extra help on your audition music, no matter what it is for, and as a supplement to your private lesson work. We will cover all excerpts for PYSO, TRYPO, and any other audition/competition. You will get experience performing in Mock Auditions with your peers, and Hearing others your age do the same, Bowed and fingered music, personalized recordings of your excerpts, and more. We will also cover how to make a winning recording, how to handle nerves, and have Master Classes on your music, giving you an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. By the time your audition arrives, you will have practiced it already several times! In our first year, all candidates won their auditions!

Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 1.jpg
Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 1.jpg
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Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 2.jpg
Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 2.jpg
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Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 4.jpg
Audition Boot Camp 2021 Masterclass 4.jpg
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Audition Boot Camp 2022 Masterclass 3.jpg
Audition Boot Camp 2022 Masterclass 3.jpg


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Who Are We?

We have created  2 different Summer Online Programs presented by Fiddlers Too Inc. designed to help all instrumental students vastly improve their individual practice habits. Both programs offer live monitored individual practice along with personalized tips on the spot for immediate improvement as well as Master Classes and discussions on pertinent topics to practicing.

Scroll down below to learn about:

Pump Up Your Practice Institute


Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2023

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Fun things!

"Boot Camp is a wonderful opportunity for musicians to improve their performing and learn to practice more efficiently. It played a particularly important role in my preparations for conservatory auditions. I highly recommend the Stegeman camps for any musician who wants to become more confident and comfortable performing!"--Violin Performance Major, Manhattan School of Music.

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