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Fiddlers Too Inc
Welcomes You to Boot Camps!

Serving Violinists and Violists of all ages

Read about Violin and Viola Boot Camp, Winter Boot Camp, and Audition Boot Camp here! Check out the pull down menus for info, bios, and picture gallery. For more info: email or check the boxes on the info form below to register and inquire.

Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Welcome

Summer 2024 Violin and Viola Boot Camp Pricing Details

This year we are back at Duquesne but registration is through this website by emailing us. Note that the week of July 22 is still at PYCO School of Music. 
There are many ways to participate! We are flexible with schedules and mix and matching days. Built in discounts for multiple weeks!

One Week $650

Two Weeks $1195

Three Weeks $1630

Four Weeks $1950

Dates: July 16-20, 2024 (Tues-Sat) at Duquesne University 

July 22-26 (at PYCO School of Music)

July 29-Aug 2 at Duquesne

Aug 5-9 at Duquesne

  • 1/2 Days Available

  • Partial Scholarships Available

  • Our Mission is to serve all who are in need so if the price is holding you back, email us and we will do our best to make this possible for you. We are not an institution and this is a very personal event. We don't want the price to hold anyone back from participating if they are motivated!

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Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: About
Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Image

Summer 2023: The students become very bonded through other performance organizations such as PYSO, TRYPO, PYCO, PYPO, YC2, and more!

Many of the top performers in local youth orchestras return annually to get in great shape for the year. Here are some Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra (PYSO) Alumni from this year....

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Fiddlers Too Inc Presents
Audition Boot Camp 2024
4th Annual

Master your audition skills along with others for any audition or competition.

These are set up according to the audition schedules of students. For more information email

Local Youth Orchestra Auditions such as PYSO, TRYPO, Symphonette, PYCO, PYPO, Competitions of all ages and levels, College Auditions, Seating Auditions

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Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Welcome
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What is Audition Boot Camp?

Train to Win with Us!

An annual Audition/Competition Preparation Series of Master Classes

Audition Boot Camp is for you if you are looking for extra help on your audition music, no matter what it is for, and as a supplement to your private lesson work. We will cover all excerpts for PYSO, TRYPO, and any other audition/competition. You will get experience performing in Mock Auditions with your peers, and Hearing others your age do the same, Bowed and fingered music, personalized recordings of your excerpts, and more. We will also cover how to make a winning recording, how to handle nerves, and have Master Classes on your music, giving you an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. By the time your audition arrives, you will have practiced it already several times! In our first year, all candidates won their auditions!

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Who Are We?

We have created  2 different Summer Online Programs presented by Fiddlers Too Inc. designed to help all instrumental students vastly improve their individual practice habits. Both programs offer live monitored individual practice along with personalized tips on the spot for immediate improvement as well as Master Classes and discussions on pertinent topics to practicing.

Scroll down below to learn about:

Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024

Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Opening Hours

Fun things!

"Boot Camp is a wonderful opportunity for musicians to improve their performing and learn to practice more efficiently. It played a particularly important role in my preparations for conservatory auditions. I highly recommend the Stegeman camps for any musician who wants to become more confident and comfortable performing!"--Violin Performance Major, Manhattan School of Music.

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Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Image

Register for or express your interest in any of our Boot Camp Programs Here!

Currently Summer Boot Camp has one week left. We are planning future Audition Boot Camps depending on interest. We specialize in entrance and seating auditions for any orchestra but especially: PYSO, TRYPO (either orchestra), PYCO, PYPO, out of state orchestras, PMEA, DISTRICT, ALL STATE ORCHESTRAS, and SOLOIST COMPETITIONS (MTNA, etc)


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Violin and Viola Boot Camp 2024: Contact
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